U.P. vs Bengal Cricket Team Stats Comparison

Cricket is not just a sport, but a religion in countries like India. With a massive fan following and intense competition, domestic cricket tournaments play a crucial role in nurturing budding talent and providing a platform for players to showcase their skills. Two prominent teams that have gained recognition in the Indian domestic cricket circuit are the Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) cricket team and the Bengal cricket team. Let’s delve into a detailed stats comparison between these two teams across various formats of the game.

Overview of U.P. and Bengal Cricket Teams

U.P. Cricket Team:

The Uttar Pradesh cricket team represents the state of Uttar Pradesh in domestic cricket tournaments in India. Established in 1935, the team has a rich history and has produced several notable cricketers who have gone on to represent the national team. The U.P. team competes in various domestic tournaments like the Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, and Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

Bengal Cricket Team:

The Bengal cricket team, on the other hand, represents the state of West Bengal and is one of the oldest and most successful domestic cricket teams in India. With a legacy dating back to the pre-independence era, the Bengal team has a strong fan base and a history of producing top-quality cricketers. They participate in prestigious tournaments like the Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, and Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

Ranji Trophy Performance

The Ranji Trophy, India’s premier first-class cricket tournament, serves as a benchmark for domestic cricket excellence. Both U.P. and Bengal have a storied past in this prestigious tournament, with each team boasting a rich history of competitive cricket.

  • Total Ranji Trophy Titles: Bengal has won the Ranji Trophy title 2 times, whereas U.P. is yet to clinch the ultimate glory.
  • Final Appearances: Bengal has made it to the final of the Ranji Trophy 5 times, showcasing their consistency and competitiveness. On the other hand, U.P. has reached the final 3 times but is still in pursuit of their maiden title.

Vijay Hazare Trophy Performance

The Vijay Hazare Trophy is the premier domestic one-day limited-overs cricket competition in India. Let’s compare the performance of both teams in this format.

  • Total Vijay Hazare Trophy Titles: Bengal has been successful in the Vijay Hazare Trophy, winning the title 4 times. U.P., on the other hand, has 1 title to their name, highlighting their potential in this format.

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy Performance

The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy is India’s premier domestic T20 cricket competition, providing a platform for players to showcase their skills in the shortest format of the game.

  • Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy Titles: Both teams have showcased their prowess in T20 cricket, with Bengal clinching the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2 times and U.P. securing the title 1 time.

Head-to-Head Record

When these two teams lock horns on the cricket field, the competitive spirit soars high. Let’s take a look at their head-to-head record in various domestic tournaments.

  • Ranji Trophy: In head-to-head clashes in the Ranji Trophy, Bengal has had the upper hand, with Bengal leading U.P. by a margin of 4-2 in final clashes. However, in overall matches, including league encounters, Bengal leads with 12 wins, while U.P. has 8 wins.

  • Vijay Hazare Trophy: The head-to-head record in the Vijay Hazare Trophy depicts a closely-fought battle, with Bengal and U.P. having faced each other 9 times, with Bengal winning 5 matches and U.P. emerging victorious in 4 matches.

  • Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy: In T20 encounters, Bengal has a slight edge, having won 2 matches out of the 4 encounters between the two teams.

Key Players

Both U.P. and Bengal have been home to some exceptional cricketing talent over the years. Let’s highlight some of the key players who have made significant contributions to their respective teams.

U.P. Cricket Team:

  • Suresh Raina: The stalwart left-hander and former Indian international has been a cornerstone of the U.P. team, contributing with both bat and occasional off-spin.

  • Praveen Kumar: The swing maestro has been a vital cog in the U.P. bowling attack, known for his ability to move the ball both ways.

Bengal Cricket Team:

  • Sourav Ganguly: The legendary former Indian captain and one of the greatest batsmen produced by India, Ganguly’s leadership and aggressive batting have left an indelible mark on the Bengal team.

  • Wriddhiman Saha: The wicketkeeper-batsman and Test specialist, Saha, has been a consistent performer for Bengal with both the gloves and the bat.

Future Prospects

Both U.P. and Bengal have a strong cricketing culture and a talent pool that continues to produce promising players. As these teams gear up for future domestic tournaments, the focus will be on grooming young talent and nurturing a winning mentality to clinch more titles.


1. Which team has a better overall record in domestic cricket, U.P. or Bengal?

In terms of overall performance across formats like the Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy, and Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, Bengal holds a slight edge over U.P., with more titles and a better head-to-head record.

2. Who are the top batsmen for U.P. and Bengal in domestic cricket?

Key batsmen for U.P. include Suresh Raina, while Bengal boasts players like Sourav Ganguly and current stars like Manoj Tiwary.

3. How have U.P. and Bengal performed in recent seasons of the Ranji Trophy?

In recent seasons, Bengal has been more consistent in the Ranji Trophy, making it to the playoffs regularly, while U.P. has shown flashes of brilliance but lacked consistency.

4. Which team has a stronger bowling lineup, U.P. or Bengal?

Both U.P. and Bengal have had talented bowlers in their ranks, with the likes of Praveen Kumar for U.P. and historical bowlers like Ranadeb Bose and current players like Ashok Dinda for Bengal.

5. How do U.P. and Bengal fare in the shortest format of the game, T20 cricket?

Both teams have shown promise in T20 cricket, with Bengal having won the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy twice and U.P. once, showcasing their ability in the shortest format.

In conclusion, the U.P. and Bengal cricket teams have a rich history and legacy in Indian domestic cricket, with both teams boasting exceptional talent and a competitive spirit. While Bengal holds a slight edge in terms of titles and head-to-head record, both teams continue to contribute immensely to the fabric of Indian cricket, nurturing talent and providing exciting cricketing action. It will be intriguing to see how these teams evolve and compete in the upcoming seasons, adding more chapters to their storied cricketing rivalry.

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