Tips On Leaving A Good Impression

Applying for a job is very challenging. The competition is very intense, and the difficult part is you do not know anything about your competitors. That’s why you have to focus on improving yourself. Whether in real life or in documents, you must look for a way to stand out among all your other competitors. Just from the checking of the resume, the competition is already on. Everyone has different credentials, and the hiring manager won’t read your resume thoroughly, so you must make sure that you stand out. You can look up the internet for a resume example and use them to compare and point out the similarities. But as confident as you sound in your resume, you must also be able to show that confidence and uniqueness in real life. So here is a short list of tips on how to stand out.

Explain how you can be an asset to the company

Employees do not just want someone who can do the job. They are looking for someone who can do what they need and expect but also do much more than that. They want someone who can be worthy of investing and an asset to the team. Show that you can add more value to the team by sharing some past reliable experiences that show exactly just that. If you are already hired, just show. You do not need to tell everyone that you are valuable. Show them that you are valuable.

Elaborate your answers

In schools, it is always the students who elaborate their answers that get more attention and praise. Most of the time, people already know the answer. What they need is an explanation. More details on how to make the solution possible and supporting details that make the answer credible. So practice answering with an explanation. Answering with supporting details along with consistency will definitely leave a good impression. Every time you would answer a question, the people around you would shift their attention to you and listen to what you have to say.  

Show that you are improving but stay humble.

Keep in mind that the key to proving yourself is by showing and not just telling. Show the people you are working with that you are learning and that there is an improvement. You do not have to be the smartest person in the room. What people want is someone who is willing to learn and be corrected, someone who exerts effort to improve. If you fail something, do better next time. Show that you have learned from your mistakes. If you are still in the interview stage, admit that you messed up in your previous position but share with the employers how you made things right. Be honest; showing that you know how to admit your mistakes will show that you are not afraid to hold yourself accountable for your mistake. And when someone compliments you or points out how much you’ve improved, respond politely. Do not be cocky. Showing humility despite having something to brag about will catch their attention and earn their respect. 

Let your genuine personality shine

Be honest. Let your personality show, and let that be the reason why people notice and remember you. If you are getting interviewed and they ask something about yourself that may be disadvantageous, answer honestly. If your team is asking for your opinion or you are brainstorming, you do not have to force yourself to agree with them. Share your thoughts; they also don’t have to agree with you what’s important is you are not submissive. Be assertive with your ideas and communicate with them. They will appreciate your honesty and bravery even if you have opposing ideas. 

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