Is there any need for permission for a second Marriage in the UAE?

As per the Islamic sharia law, Muslim men are allowed to have up to 4 wives at max. Polygamy is allowed in Islam up to 4 wives. Following this, the practice of polygamy is very common in UAE. It is practiced in all the states of the Emirates. Alongside this, this adds up to the responsibilities of the males once they choose to marry more than once. There is a huge condition attached to it that states that husbands need to provide balanced maintenance and treatment to each of their wives. If he can keep the balance, create the balance and maintain the balance then he is allowed to have more than one wives until four. You can read our legal work by our Emirati Family Lawyers.

Polygamy is legal in UAE. Once the parameters of the marriage are met, the person/Muslim male is eligible for 2nd marriage or even 3rd and 4th marriages. It is automatically a legal marriage if the parameter for a valid marriage is fulfilled. Therefore, there is no need for consent from the 1st wife. But it’s better to take the consent from first wife or to inform her. As per Sharia Law, if the consent is taken from wife or not, judge should be informed, who will provide the permission of second marriage or third or fourth. It needs to be justified in Court before the judge. For your additional knowledge there are two types of Prompt Dower and Deferred Dower.

Although, the ‘Mehr’ can be claimed by the 1st wife which was agreed upon at the time of marriage. Under Islamic law, both wives should be treated justly and fairly. They must be respected and maintenance lies upon the shoulders of a husband. Besides, the first wife is permitted to file maintenance claims if the situation arises. Under the sharia law, the husband is liable to pay for the maintenance of his 1st wife and kids. It still applies if the wife is working and earning very well. A Dubai court takes care of the family disputes that arise in the country.

The Family Lawyers provide the family guidance and offer Legal Counseling. The attempts are made by the lawyers and courts to reconcile the husband and wife before proceeding to the courts formally. Nevertheless, the marriages in UAE are organized by the respective departments. Under UAE Laws, all nationals’ along with expatriates need to solemnize their marriages in the country. On the other hand, under Islamic marriage, sharia provisions are applied. It is applied to Muslims regardless of their nationality, background, and gender.

There are certain conditions applied that need to be met. Both spouses must be at least 18 years of age. Both the groom and bride should be Muslims. However, if the bride is Al-Kitaab, a Christian or Jew, the marriage is still legalized. Any Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a Non-Muslim male whatsoever. Any of the spouses must not be twice the age of the other. They need special permission from the UAE courts before conducting the marriage. The marriage contract must be registered in the UAE courts. Moreover, it is significant for the bride’s father to be present at the wedding ceremony. In the absence, there is a need for 2 male witnesses as the proxy. In UAE a pre-marital health screening is compulsory. It can be done from government-approved health centers.

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