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The new iPhone 5 has a new model called the iPhone 5s, and it has been launched with a new name, the iPhone 5s. The new iPhone 6 has a new model called the iPhone 6. Both models have a new feature called the “rumor mill” that allows you to see when people are going to release an update to their phone. There’s a rumor mill for everyone. This is a bit of a scary thing for the tech folks out there.

The thing is Apple has been getting a lot of bad press lately for doing things that have been done before, but they aren’t doing this time. If you’ve heard the new rumors about the iPhone 5s, you’ll know that the 5s was supposed to have a smaller bezel and a little less power. Well, that all fell through, and now Apple is releasing a model with a larger bezel, a slightly larger battery, and a smaller camera.

The rumor mill has been telling us all this for over a month now. According to people in the know, this is part of a new iPhone5s design, and it isnt going to make it in to the iPhone 5s. But it might be one of the more interesting rumors of the whole phone saga.

It’s not so much that the Apple rumor mill is making more of the 5s design, but that it is making more of its smaller camera and battery sizes. The iPhone 5s has a bigger bezel, which is a good thing, but it also has the same battery size as the iPhone 4 (with a smaller battery), which has a smaller bezel too.

A common reason why the iPhone 5s would not be in the iPhone lineup is due to the camera. It’s a large phone, but it’s not as big as the iPhone 4. But it is smaller than the iPhone 4s, and the 5s has a larger camera than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5s also has a larger battery than the iPhone 4, so it definitely has a larger battery.

The iPhone 5s does not have a true front-facing front camera like the iPhone 4, but it does have a rear-facing camera that is much larger than its predecessor. The iPhone 5s is also slightly thicker, so it’s a bit of a compromise.

The screen on the iPhone 5s is a 5-inch LCD and it’s the thinnest iPhone screen to date. This makes it ideal for use as a media player. We’ve used the phone as a media player for a few hours, and we don’t think it’s too thin, so we’ll keep using it for media playing.

The front-facing camera on the iPhone 5s is a 12-megapixel sensor. And so for those who are concerned about how good the iPhone 5s camera is, it is actually very good. Its actually quite good for a phone of this size, especially for photos. However, its not great for video. The phone features a very good lens that takes very sharp photos, but I found it to be terrible for video.

I know its not just us complaining about the video performance on the phone, but the fact is that even the great phones don’t always give you great videos. The iPhone 5s is a great phone for its size and is well-equipped with features, but its camera is terrible. The video quality is very good however, but I don’t think its great for what it is.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S II and I love it. It has a great screen, great software, and a great camera. The problem, of course, is the camera. The SII (as well as the Galaxy S III) has a large, but fixed lens. Its not a bad camera, but its very awkward, and at times not super-fucking-wide. Its a little bit slow, but that’s part of the fun.

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