moto x bluetooth issues

The new Motorola X phone is out and I’ve finally found a Bluetooth issue that I’m willing to talk about.

Bluetooth is a great way to stay connected with your phone, but it can be frustrating to sometimes have to get your phone out of range to actually use it. I’ve used Bluetooth a few times with my HTC Thunderbolt, but that had some complications. We’re also talking about some new bluetooth issues with the Moto X phone, though this one might not have anything to do with the phone itself.

The issue might be actually one of the many that Motorola has to deal with. As long as your phone is in range of a Bluetooth dongle, it will be able to work as a Bluetooth radio. Motorola, however, has said that it won’t be able to connect to a laptop when the phone is in Bluetooth range, and that is a problem. Motorola has also said that your phone needs to be on the phone and not in Bluetooth range.

Motorola has said that you need to be on the phone when the phone contacts the Bluetooth dongle. This is a problem for Nokia.

Unfortunately, Bluetooth and the Bluetooth dongle have become so intertwined that they are really two different things, and you can’t really use one without the other. Bluetooth is a wireless networking protocol for connecting devices (such as computers, printers, audio players, etc.) to each other. For example, your laptop and your phone are both wireless, but your phone is also in range of the Bluetooth dongle.

The problem is that Bluetooth is a proprietary protocol and we can’t even use our computer to connect to it, as there’s no standard way to do that. The only way this would work would be if your phone could connect to the bluetooth dongle on your computer and vice versa, but it can’t and it’s not even close to being able to.

I know its kinda random, but the two devices have to be able to talk to each other for it to work. A computer with a Bluetooth dongle will connect to any device that is able to make a connection to it.

The new Moto X has the bluetooth dongle built in, so it makes more sense to me to connect your phone to your computer, so you can stream music and use other applications from your computer. The issue here is the phone is also able to connect to your computer to stream music, so it makes more sense to connect your computer to your phone.

The same issue has to be working on your computer, so it’s kind of a moot point. I’ll have to see if anyone else will be able to test it out to see if it actually works.

I can see why people would think that using the bluetooth dongle makes more sense for the phone than for the computer. It’s a bit easier than connecting the phone to your computer. I would imagine that if you use a bluetooth headset with your computer, you’d have to use your computer’s microphone.

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