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Learning a new language can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Hindi, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, has a unique number system that can be challenging for beginners. In this article, we will explore the Hindi numbers from 1 to 100 and provide a comprehensive guide on how to write them in words. Additionally, we will discuss the availability of a PDF resource that can assist you in your learning journey.

The Hindi Number System

Hindi, an Indo-Aryan language, uses a decimal number system similar to English. However, the way numbers are written and pronounced in Hindi differs significantly. Understanding the Hindi number system is crucial for various aspects of daily life, including counting, telling time, and expressing quantities.

Numbers 1 to 10

Let’s start by looking at the numbers from 1 to 10 in Hindi:

  • 1 – एक (ek)
  • 2 – दो (do)
  • 3 – तीन (teen)
  • 4 – चार (chaar)
  • 5 – पांच (paanch)
  • 6 – छह (chhah)
  • 7 – सात (saat)
  • 8 – आठ (aath)
  • 9 – नौ (nau)
  • 10 – दस (das)

Numbers 11 to 20

The numbers from 11 to 20 in Hindi follow a unique pattern. The word for 10 (दस – das) is combined with the respective unit digit to form the numbers:

  • 11 – ग्यारह (gyaarah)
  • 12 – बारह (baarah)
  • 13 – तेरह (terah)
  • 14 – चौदह (chaudah)
  • 15 – पंद्रह (pandrah)
  • 16 – सोलह (solah)
  • 17 – सत्रह (satrah)
  • 18 – अठारह (atharah)
  • 19 – उन्नीस (unnis)
  • 20 – बीस (bees)

Numbers 21 to 100

From 21 to 99, the numbers in Hindi are formed by combining the tens digit with the unit digit. For example:

  • 21 – इक्कीस (ikkees)
  • 22 – बाईस (baais)
  • 23 – तेईस (teis)
  • 24 – चौबीस (chaubees)
  • 25 – पच्चीस (pachchees)
  • 26 – छब्बीस (chhabbees)
  • 27 – सत्ताईस (sattaais)
  • 28 – अट्ठाईस (attais)
  • 29 – उनतीस (unntees)
  • 30 – तीस (tees)
  • 40 – चालीस (chaalis)
  • 50 – पचास (pachaas)
  • 60 – साठ (saath)
  • 70 – सत्तर (sattar)
  • 80 – अस्सी (assi)
  • 90 – नब्बे (nabbe)
  • 100 – सौ (sau)

The Importance of Learning Hindi Numbers

Mastering the Hindi number system is essential for various reasons:

1. Communication and Basic Conversations

Knowing how to count and express numbers in Hindi is crucial for basic conversations. Whether you are asking for directions, ordering food, or discussing prices, being able to understand and use numbers correctly is essential.

2. Telling Time

In Hindi, telling time requires the use of numbers. Being able to read and pronounce the numbers accurately is necessary for understanding and expressing time in Hindi.

3. Shopping and Money Transactions

When shopping or dealing with money transactions in Hindi-speaking regions, understanding numbers is vital. It enables you to understand prices, negotiate, and handle currency effectively.

4. Travel and Transportation

Whether you are taking a taxi, booking a train ticket, or asking for directions, knowing numbers in Hindi will make your travel experience smoother and more enjoyable.

The Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF Resource

If you are looking for a comprehensive resource to learn and practice writing Hindi numbers from 1 to 100 in words, a PDF document can be a valuable tool. This PDF resource provides a clear and organized list of Hindi numbers along with their corresponding words.

The PDF document includes:

  • Numbers 1 to 100 written in Hindi words
  • Pronunciation guide for each number
  • Examples and usage of numbers in sentences

Having this PDF resource at your disposal allows you to study and practice Hindi numbers at your own pace. You can print it out or keep it on your electronic device for easy access whenever you need it.


Learning Hindi numbers from 1 to 100 in words is an essential step towards mastering the language. By understanding the unique number system and practicing their pronunciation, you will be able to communicate effectively, tell time, handle money transactions, and navigate various situations in Hindi-speaking regions.

Remember to utilize the Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 in Words PDF resource to enhance your learning experience. With dedication and practice, you will

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