galaxy s5 bluetooth not working

I have had galaxy s5 bluetooth not working for about a month now. it used to work fine, but now it doesn’t even let me connect to the bluetooth. my phone is still synced to the phone on my other galaxy s5, but I can’t connect to the bluetooth. I can’t connect to the home network either. I also have the same issue with my galaxy s4, but it works.

There’s another one that I have in my galaxy s4, and it works. It’s in my galaxy s5, and it’s going to have been working in about a month. I have no idea what to fix this, but I can’t get the bluetooth working.

I never get this issue. Not once I’ve tried to get the bluetooth to work, but I get it to work sometimes. But since I have the bluetooth, I can’t connect to the internet. I cant get the bluetooth working. If there’s a way to fix this, I’ll have to go through my own methods.

The latest version of s5 comes with Bluetooth support, but it doesn’t work. The phone itself is capable of Bluetooth, and you can test it out by heading over to the wireless settings in the phone’s Settings app. It’s not a perfect solution, because you have to unlock the phone before you can access Bluetooth settings, but at least it works.

Well, if you want to keep using your phone, there’s no need to take out so much frustration. It’s not just the phone itself that needs to work. All wireless devices have a set of settings that you can modify to improve them. For example, if you want to turn your phone into a bluetooth speaker, you can do so by clicking the speaker icon within the phone’s Settings app.

The bluetooth settings are usually found in phones’ lockscreen, but sometimes you can find it on other parts of a phone’s screen. You can also change it from the phone’s settings menu, but you better hope you don’t accidentally use it.

The phone bluetooth settings are a lot easier on a Samsung phone, where you can also adjust the volume, brightness, and other settings through the phone’s menus. On a iPhone, you have to go to the phone settings via the menu (in the device list) and then you have to use the phone menu to search for the bluetooth settings.

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 does have bluetooth, which is nice. The problem is that it doesn’t work very well (or at all) and it doesn’t work from the phone’s settings menu, where it can be enabled or disabled in a phone specific way. This means that even though the phone is in the same place, it doesn’t actually control the bluetooth when you are using the device.

To solve this problem, we just need to enable it in the phone settings menu, which can be done by going to the phone settings menu and using the phone menu where you can choose to enable or disable bluetooth.

This doesn’t affect all phones, but for those using Samsung, it can be disabled by going to the phone settings menu and disabling the Samsung bluetooth settings menu. For other phones you can do this on the phone itself, by going to the phone settings menu, then finding the bluetooth settings and enabling it there.

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